Is Nigeria the Right Career Building Destination for an Individual?

With the drastic decline of the oil market during the early 80s along with the initiation of the Structural Adjustment Programme, the state of education in Nigeria was affected to a good extent. There were severe reductions in the expenditure required for education in the country. The consequences got so worse that a huge number of teachers in the Nigerian schools, colleges and universities were not paid salaries. This further resulted in the declination of educational facilities, and many schools and universities went on strikes. For obvious reasons, Nigeria’s literacy rates fell drastically.

It was during the colonial era that the state of education in Nigeria started developing. Once the World War II ended, the western education system was initiated in the Christian missionaries during the middle of the 19th century. It was the year 1990 when three firm education systems were established on the Nigerian soil – European-style educational organization, the Quranic schools and the Indigenous system. In the year 1934, higher education was introduced for the first time in Nigeria.

Now, one must know how to confront the challenges of pursuing education in Nigeria. The following things should be done:

  • Sufficient resources should be introduced so that new schools can be established and qualified teachers can be recruited.
  • Big issues must be dealt related to the number of teachers, size of classes as well as provision of study materials.
  • Investment should be massive in setting academic infrastructures.
  • School curriculums should be reviewed and modified in order to encourage the learning system.
  • Poverty should be eradicated by taking effective measures.

Nigeria is sure to see better days and it is possible only through Education. Education is the backbone of every economy. And these days with the advancement of technology it is possible to learn from reputed universities through distance learning in Nigeria. So these evolution in learning systems will help Nigeria’s economy as a whole by increasing the number of educated citizens in Nigeria.

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One thought on “Is Nigeria the Right Career Building Destination for an Individual?

  1. Uzoma Elele says:

    I am a Nigerian and I believe that education is the only key for a better Nigeria

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