Murder of 7 Hostages lead on to Security Threats in Nigeria

It was the previous Sunday when the Greek and Italian foreign ministers reported that seven foreign hostages were kidnapped and later killed by a Nigerian Islamist group last month. The hostages were kidnapped on February 7th from a construction company in the Northern state of Bauchi owing to attempts made by the British and Nigerian forces to free them.

News captions in Nigerian newspaper

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The 7 hostages comprised an Italian, a Briton, a Greek and four workers from Lebanon who were snatched from the premises of Setraco, a Lebanese firm. The foreign governments were unable to confirm the killings till Sunday. Greece and Italy clearly denied that there were no attempts made on behalf of their governments. Nigeria also didn’t come up with any confirmed report in regard to the killings.

As per the statement of the Italian Foreign Ministry, they conducted investigations with other countries that led them to report with certainty that the news regarding the killing of the seven seized hostages was absolutely true. The ministry however asserted that no such military attempts were made to rescue the hostages by any of the concerned governments.

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Security – A major concern for Nigerians

Owing to such an unpleasant incident, security popped up as a major question especially for the oil and infrastructure organisations located across the region. The biggest reason was that the loyal gunmen of al Qaeda’s North African franchise spread the deadly Algerian natural gas plant in the month of January where more than thirty seven foreigners were killed. The disaster took place for the attempt made by the Algerian armed forces to rescue the foreigners.

It has been heard that the Islamist groups have now spread throughout northern and central Nigeria that are Africa’s top oil producers. As a result, security threat emerged to be a major concern in these areas especially after a revolution initiated by the south-eastern Niger Delta known for oil production. The British resources moreover said that the Briton was killed along with six other hostages, and this was declared to be a cold blooded murder.

Threats will continue to dwell in Nigeria

As per predictions made by the western security officials, connections between the Islamists of Nigeria and Saharan groups like al Qaeda are quite probable to grow with time. Therefore, the focus is now more on Western targets more than the local security civilians. More killings and kidnappings are being suspected to be taking place through Nigeria and its neighboring countries.

Consequently, pursuing education on the Nigerian soils has emerged to be a major issue for plenty of students now. The majority is therefore getting compelled to opt for distance learning in Nigeria as the only means to fulfill their career objectives.

Since stepping in Nigeria for higher education is not being encouraged by students especially foreigners, a good number of educational institutions in Nigeria have decided to let open their online educational resources to be accessed by foreigners with ease. Although things have been pretty chaotic throughout the entire Nigeria, constant efforts are being implemented to bring peace to the nation.

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