Education in Africa for Girls to get Better and Safer in the Coming Years

Improvements in the education system in Africa have started rising since the past decade. In fact, the steps towards bringing developments in the African education scenario are being taken with such effectiveness that the girls who have been hiding behind the scenes for years will get immense academic exposure over time.

English: A young girl of the Bozo people along...

English: A young girl of the Bozo people along Niger river in Bamako, Mali, August 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been found that girls who work and receive education in the developing African nations give almost ninety percent of their salaries to their families in contrast to forty percent of the men. This has raised awareness among the majority of African educational authorities to enhance the educational standards for girls in Africa who can then support their families with ease.

Aid for Africa Fund

According to Aid for Africa who has been truly committed towards enhancing education in Africa for girls, a special fund will be provided through which girls will be getting educational stipends and scholarships. The objective of this fund would be to give considerable support to the educational standards. Moreover, the initiative to offer this educational support on behalf of Aid for Africa have been realised only after discovering the benefits of attending schools especially for girls.

What the World Bank opines?

The World Bank has even agreed that the interrelationship between economic growth, gender inequalities and poverty has emerged to be the key factors behind making smart investments for girl child education in Africa. The EAG in this respect has also expressed confidence that if there is any quality investment to be made in education, it must go towards bettering the educational scenario in Africa.

UNICEF creates awareness

According to UNICEF, lack of education can really be life threatening especially for girls living in countries prone to epidemic diseases. Surveys say that about 40 percent of the uneducated girls in Africa have no knowledge at all about AIDS. Only 8% of the women who have completed their post-primary schooling sessions have been found to acquire a little knowledge in this context. This has almost fuelled the necessity of providing quality education to almost every girl and woman in Africa.

Kwagala Project at work

The Kwagala Project too has made considerable contributions bringing positive results to African education. The exponents of the project have realised that it is education which is the key solution to eradicate unpleasant circumstances like poverty and exploitation that is consequently giving rise to trafficking in exchange for goods. Therefore, their sole objective now is to initiate counselling and find out whether the helpless girls in Africa could be given educational opportunities to come out of hopeless situations so that they can remain safer and lead peaceful lives.

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