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Distance Education is the Best Option for Students of Developing Nations

In this competitive world, higher education is very important for you to get a respectable job and earn good money for a successful life. These days, employers always look at a candidate’s credentials before hiring them. Graduation is the basic educational requirement these days, without which it has become almost impossible to get a job. If you want a lucrative job at one of the best companies, then a postgraduate degree is mandatory. These qualifications ensure good jobs.

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However, if a particular country’s educational infrastructure is damaged due to political disturbances, it becomes very difficult for students to pursue their academic careers. In countries like Nigeria, where there aren’t any good colleges and universities, students are forced into labour at a very young age. With the advent of e-learning, these students are now getting direction and a way to fulfill their educational dreams for a better future.

Many universities are now offering online learning programmes, so that people in lesser fortunate countries, like Nigeria, can dream of a better tomorrow. As the students of Nigeria do not have enough funds, to cross borders in search of good education, distance learning is the best option for them. Distance learning in Nigeria is extremely popular amongst students and working professionals. Through distance learning, students can study various types of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Here are a few reasons why most students and mainly working professionals take up distance learning study programmes.


An online course is extremely convenient and can be studied anytime, anywhere. The course can be spaced out as per the student’s suitability. Therefore, a student or working professional can finish a three year course in five years if they want. The course can be studied at all times of the day; so, no one will ‘miss out’ on class lectures.

Continue to earn as you learn

As you can study anytime you want, you do not have to leave your job. If it was a course in a traditional college, then you would have to quit work for the course period to complete your education. However, with distance learning that is not the case. You study either in the morning, before going to work or at night after you get back from work. Therefore, you can continue to earn to raise enough money for your livelihood.


Distance learning courses are cheap as you do not have to pay for food and lodging and you also save on travelling expenses. The course material is sent to you therefore you do not have to buy books. Online learning is far cheaper than traditional learning.

Due to these reasons, among many, most students and working professionals in economically backward countries take up distance learning.

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