Enrolling Online in any Course is Possible Now – You just need to Explore it

Photo Credit: bit.ly/1azVA4r

Photo Credit: bit.ly/1azVA4r

Have you always wanted to spend long hours at home to learn and analyse secret codes? Did you always desire to learn computer programming languages instead of wasting an entire morning in an institute of technology? Believe it or not, you can now study any course online from anywhere under any reputed university of your choice.

Online learning institutions are springing up

Studying in traditional institutions or what you call today the brick and mortar classrooms are gradually getting outdated, and the reason is simple. Massive developments in technology have made numerous online learning providers grab the opportunity to complete higher studies within their means. Moreover, the outcomes witnessed among the majority of online learners have been incredible over the years especially after the initiation of a wide range of learning tools and software applications.

Professor David Evans adopts a new way to offer an online course

University of Virginia’s David Evans, who is associate professor of computer science runs a series of online courses in a special subject known as cryptography. He said, “Open online classes provide a way to reach an amazing group of students that do not have access to traditional higher education.” The majority of the content he delivers comes through short videos, quizzes and several interactive exercises. He also makes use of problem sets comprising challenging puzzles that help students to apply creative ideas while pursuing the course.

Studying online flexibly for any subject is now possible

University of Edinburgh’s project coordinator of distance education initiative and MOOCs, Amy Woodgate has come up with a practical observation. According to her, there are many who think that certain courses cannot be studied online, which hadn’t been actually proved with strong evidence. In this respect, Lloyd Bingham who is an online diploma course pursuer in Translation under the London Metropolitan University said that one can now take up any course online.

Talking about her personal experience, Tracy McLaughlin said that online learning for her had been so flexible that she had been able to dig deep into subjects that are obscure. While pursuing an online course for more than ten years under an Open University, she has managed to fit her work amidst her personal commitments. She added, “My course was pick-and-mix; it had modules from lots of different subjects.”

Exploring a subject is more important than merely pursuing it

The primary objective of obtaining education should not be solely qualifications. In fact, those who want to remain exposed to high career prospects are eyeing upon distance learning courses that can unlock doors for casual learners. These people will not only ‘study’ a subject but would prefer exploring it as much as possible. In this context, Dr Christopher Stokes who teaches MOOCs online at the University of Sheffield said, “Lots of people would like to learn a bit more about what is happening when they go to the dentist.”

Stokes, who had managed to run students’ workshops for eight years, had given opportunity to individuals coming from under-represented backgrounds. With the prime intention to allure a global audience, he says, “It will allow discussion between learners about their perception and experiences of dentistry around the world.”

Today, the developments in online education are happening so rapidly that online learners are now offered specialist subjects that can lead to bright career pathways. However, a question remains whether online courses would be able to keep up to their efficiency and outscore the conventional ones. Well, it will all depend on how they will be provided and what strategies would be taken by the online degree course providers to let students access them with ease.

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