A New Light in Nigeria with Circular Economy

Source: bit.ly/1kfJeJZ

Source: bit.ly/1kfJeJZ

The most engulfing factors in recent economic scenario are exhausting resources, and price volatility, thereon. To deal with this crisis, organisations must redesign their business models and take innovative measures in their processes and operations. Circular economy MBA brings a new perception over the linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model, and takes a circular approach through ideas like regenerative product design, new business models, and reverse logistics.

Basic Concepts

After a thorough scrutiny over today’s economic parameters, circular economy MBA introduces various new thinking and processes that lead to the reorientation and transition to a far more resilient economic model.

The MBA makes extensive innovative applications on business models and opportunities to draw out the greatest value out of a project.  The idea of renewable energy sources is one of such examples and possibilities out of technical and biological cycles of materials.

Other concepts covered in the circular economy MBA are like potential for valuing and rebuilding capital, role of prices and internalisation of cost etc.

Why Choose Circular Economy MBA

This MBA programme is aimed at preparing students with the knowledge, tools and skills to make proper valuations on business opportunities and competitive advantages for the organisations adopting this circular approach.

The content is also conducive to enhance leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and detects abundant business opportunities for those who grow the foreknowledge of this advantageous and ground-breaking concept.

Studying Circular Economy MBA Online

Online MBA in circular Economy lets students plan their online MBA degree from anywhere in the world. Even in the countries where educational infrastructure is not so developed as educationally leading countries’, students can take the advantage of distance learning, and proceed on their study of MBA. Employment of the latest resources and gadgets helps online students:

  • Build their improved understanding on the essential principles, concepts and applied sectors of the circular economy
  • Enrich their knowledge on energy resources and commodities which are critical for future prosperity of any business
  • Equip them with pioneering business leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Strengthen their conception on technical and biological availability of materials, logistics, regenerative use of products and prospective business areas
  • Make them find the innovative business opportunities through ground-breaking frameworks
  • Let them use online networks to launch debate and discussions

Enrolling in circular economy MBA through distance learning programmes, students of Nigeria as well as those belonging to countries with low academic standards will become an integral part of one of the world’s top UK universities. They will be enriching their learning experiences with fellow students around the world. This becomes even more effective through faculty-led tutor groups, weekly online discussions, live face-to-face online tutorial sessions and collaborative projects.

What students of online circular economy MBA enjoy as bonus benefit is the flexibility, with which they can materialise their profuse spare time on job involvement in respective industries. And, with this hands-on work experience alongside their theoretical knowledge, they pose themselves as somewhat invincible in their claims for jobs. Study of this new born MBA is going to get immense popularity in coming time, and interested students should go for it without wasting a single moment.

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