Nigeria Grants $758m for Improvement of Women’s Education

Nigerian-woman education


Today education has become mandatory for everyone irrespective of their gender or social standing. Education for women has gained much prominence and many people are working towards its development. However, we need to take more steps in order to improve women’s education in the urban areas as well as in the rural regions. Governments of different nations always ensure that the necessary support is provided to the deprived groups. Hence grants and subsidies are offered by the government for the fundamental education of women. The main objective is to provide required education to women and enable them to compete with men for the best job opportunities in various professional fields.

Governments of different countries award special grants to women as the number of female students is usually less than male students, especially in the developing nations and the third world countries. Such programmes help to increase the enrolment of girls in schools and empower them to create new social, financial and educational resources for their communities. Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria had granted N113.75 ($758 million) for the development of girl-child education programmes in the country.

Dr. Precious Gbeneol, the Senior Assistant to the President on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), has said “The MDG has initiated programmes to help Nigeria achieve Universal Basic Education with focus on the issues of quality, capacity, access and relevance,” while launching the distribution of 3 million exercise books for free to the students in the 36 states of the federation and the FCT.

Gbeneol further said, “The MDGs made available over N113.75 billion of debt relief to the Federal Ministry of Education from 2006 to date, to implement various programmes. The programmes include the girl child education, National Programme on Almajiri, support to the National Teachers Institute and support to UBEC for the Federal Teachers Scheme (FTS).’’

She stated that over 15,000 high impact projects were executed and N26.1 billion was effectively invested in almost 261 local government areas. These projects are concentrated in the area of water and sanitation, health, agriculture, income generation and education sectors. Around 12,342 water and sanitation projects have been successfully executed across the nation. Moreover, 5,206 health facilities have also been constructed, equipped and renovated. Gbeneol also affirmed that almost 68,430 health workers have also been trained so that they can help in providing efficient health services. In addition, financial support has also been offered to 1,704 beneficiaries for the establishment of agriculture enterprises. Apart from these, the launch of the distribution of free exercise books was a step forward towards achieving one of the most important and mandatory objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the development of universal primary education.

Dr Precious Gbeneol said, “I am convinced that the free exercise books, when distributed, will further ease the burden of the benefiting poor families. It will also stimulate the interest of the pupils themselves to embrace education and quit street life.”

She affirmed that several efforts were being made by the MDGs office to make sure that both male and female students would successfully complete a full primary education course by 2015. These efforts by the Federal Government, as well as the UBEC, would help in increasing the standard of education in Nigeria. The MDGs are committed to shattering the cycle of poverty and developing the lives of the deprived and unfortunate.

These types of grants for women’s education will not only increase the literacy rate but it will also boost the number of women in the work field. As a result, this will eventually lead to improving the nation’s economy.

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