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Strong Internet Support Boosts the Education System throughout Africa

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Are you aware of the fact that Africa, the world’s 2nd largest continent, is no more devoid of technological support in making people obtain quality education? Reports from World Bank say that Nigeria, which is one of the most developed nations of the continent, has recorded 32.9% people to become dependent on technology. Gone are those days of dependence on high-speed internet and Broadband when Nigeria considered them to be the only sources of technological support. Now, this nation takes pride in acquiring the 8th position out of 212 member nations of UN in terms of the number of internet users.

The Internet World stats said:

  • There were around 55.9 million internet users
  • Accordingly, it represented 32.9% of the population in Nigeria in 2012
  • 6.6 million Facebook users were recorded from Nigeria, which showed that this was one of the most popular activities by the Nigerians

The World Economic Forum said:

Out of every 100 urban Nigerians

o   50 use the internet on a monthly basis

o   58 use mobile phones supported by internet

o   21 use smartphones

As far as the contribution of internet to GDP is concerned:

  • Nigeria has a 0.8% GDP which is quite close to that of South Africa that has 1.4%
  • Kenya and Senegal are ahead in terms of GDP

This clearly shows that the opportunities of strengthening digital education with time in Nigeria are rising. Moreover, internet has brought a massive impact on several sectors here in the past few years. Some of them are:

  • Health – Owing to internet support, a platform has been set up in Nigeria through which patients and also clinicians can send messages along with the information related to drug identification. In response, they would receive a verified message in regard to the authenticity of the medicine.
  • Education – Although a lot had been said earlier in the opening paragraphs, it’s once again worth mentioning that digitisation is a big thing that has made immense progress in open distance learning. After the National Open University of Nigeria contributed well towards improving digital education, the country’s education system acquired a different scenario. Moreover, the introduction of mobile technology has eased over thousands of lives in these years.
  • Retail – E-commerce is another thriving sector in Nigeria that has given rise to a number of big companies in the last few years. As per the Euromonitor International research team, Nigeria generated N3 billion which was their online sales figure.
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So, where Nigeria has done a tremendous job in bringing massive growth in several sectors especially education, career seekers there wouldn’t have to wait to relocate abroad for better opportunities. Talking about the education sector, the demand of distance education programmes is already on the rise and students there have now started using smartphones and kindles to complete higher studies instead of taking pains to attend classrooms. Other sectors would also bring good turnovers as long as internet would be supporting these nations.

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