Despite Of Measures Question Of Education Inequality Remains In EU

The problem is not fixed. The growing number of educational inequalities can pose threat to the initiative of development in the European Union. The recently published report of the Education and Training Monitor has raised key concern of education inequality in the society. It is evident from the report that there is lack of balance among the members of the EU too.

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The report says, “youth unemployment, poverty and marginalization remain high,” the report also notes, and “one if four adults in Europe is caught in a low-skills trap.”

From the study of Education and Training Monitor we understand that currently 38% of the European youths complete their post high school degree, diploma and certificate courses. In 2011 the percentage was 34.8%. It also shows that the present school drop-out rate is 11.1 in contrast to the 13.4% in 2011. Although EU has managed to educate more number of people but the concern for their employability remains. Read on.

Investing In Education Raises Concerns



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The ongoing fiscal crisis has already affected the education system. The European Commission in its recently published report says, “Europe is not moving in the right direction fast enough. Educational poverty remains stubbornly embedded, with far too many disadvantaged students, and government investment – crucial to quality education – reveals worrying signs of spending cuts,”

Tibor Navracsics, EU education commissioner in an press conference said, “Sadly, one of the first steps in budget consolidation were cuts in education budgets.”

The observation of European Commission revealed that the 5.3% of the EU’s GDP spend on education compare to the 6% or above to Asia or the other. In this context Tibor said, “The EU is lagging behind in investing in education that could cause a problem because investment in today’s education is also investment in tomorrow’s competitiveness.”

The Issue Of Migration


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The report of the EU Commission has raised an alarm on how migration pose serious threat to the members. EU education commissioner has cautioned about the migration issue. According to him the migration crisis in EU has raised the risk of more challenges. He said, “opportunities and outcomes are still very much determined by people’s socio-economic and immigration background. If we want to integrate those refugees, who will stay in member states, we have to use education as a powerful engine for social integration.” According to him the purpose of education is not limited to providing job only but to make them realise the essence of democracy being a responsible national.

Following The Goal

Europe 2020 programme was launched with the purpose for employment and for the evaluation of the member states training and education system. Similar evaluation is done with EU Pisa or Programme for International Assessment. It is programme which conducts the annual ranking of the education system reported by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The programme Europe 2020 aims to bring down the education drop-out. The other goal of the programme are-

Students Thinking of Goals

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– reduction of training to below 10%
– 95% in early minority learning
– 40% post high school education
– 82 % job to the new graduates
– Lowering the rate of 15% to the study of science and mathematics

Achieving The Goal

The question of education inequality remains despite of the measures taken by the European Union. The several factors affecting the economy in the region has raised the issue of employability. The refugee crisis is one major area of concern need immediate resolution. Although the measures taken by EU Commission has shown encouraging developments.

So what do you think about the issue of educating special students in EU? Share your valuable insights with me.

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