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Thinking Of Enrolling In The Postgraduate Course? Find The Right One To Boost Your Career

Postgraduate course provides edge to those who are about to start or in the middle of their career. It helps to advance the career by improving the skills and knowledge and provides advantage to earn the opportunity in the job market. Since the competition is so intense, people are taking postgraduate courses to increase their chances to impress the employer. This course is in demand across the industries where organisation value postgraduate diploma qualifications.


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The postgraduate learning improves ones employability prospects and also enhances career prospects. For the Companies, skills obtained from the course learning have immense value.

Postgraduate study presents the perfect scope to start a new career. There are number of postgraduate courses that are offered even via online, which is one important benefit for the learners. Online courses offer tremendous flexibility which allow one to take learning amid commitments.

What data shows?

Reports published by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) shows that the rate of success is 51% for graduates of 2013 whereas in the mid-2014 undergraduates had employment. However, within the same period of time, the rate of success for the securing job at postgraduate level was 73%.

HEA has also conducted a survey on the salaries for graduates of 2013. The research revealed that 52% of the graduated with the honours bachelors degree have to earn less income than €25,000 per year. However, some earn 3% more with €45,000 annually. Graduated with Ph.D. earn €25,000 or less whereas 28% income more than €45,000.

Extensive scope of learning with postgraduate courses

Postgraduate diploma study offers the vast range of course programmes. One can take the online postgraduate ATHE diploma or can choose the traditional format to enhance their knowledge and skill.

But before enroling to any course students should check whether the course has validity in the job market.


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It’s essential for the students to decide what they desire to learn. They should figure out what course they want to study. The postgraduate courses are two type that is- Taught programmes and Research based. Both has it’s own significance in the job market.
Full time taught courses takes one year to complete the study whereas the part time study takes two year to culminate the programme. Taught postgraduate courses can be studied absolutely in the new field or can be the extension of undergraduate learning.

According to Prof Lisa Looney, Dean of Graduate Studies at Dublin City University, “Students choosing a taught master’s programme tend to fall into one of three categories: those who are specialising in a certain discipline to target specific job opportunities; those returning to education to build on experience gained in the workplace; and those seeking a programme following a broad-based undergraduate programme who wish to side-step in a certain direction.” She also says, “The most important question for any applicant to ask is – what is this degree doing for me? It is a very big investment in your career and you should be strategic in your decision-making with an eye to emerging job trends, looking for opportunities to challenge and stretch yourself.”

Research bases postgraduate courses- master’s, including Mitt can take one year three months to four years time. It depends on the learner what they select the mode of study i.e full time or part time.

While selecting the research course one should carefully choose the area and standard of assistance and evaluation rendered.

The Online factor

It’s evident from the figures and reports that these courses have a definite value across the industries. Before concluding, I would additionally like mention about online postgraduate diploma courses. The e-learning mode of education offers the tremendous flexibility of learning. Students can access to quality education at much lower cost than from the traditional format. Another thing about online learning is that courses are valued and accepted by the employers and universities, so why not use the technology enabled learning to learn at any time from anywhere?

What do you feel is the necessary step to repair the public education? Share your thoughts in your comments.

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5 Awesome Tips To Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Are you unhappy with your career? Tired of being unemployed or underemployed? Then I am sure you have wondered about starting your own business at some point. It’s true that becoming an entrepreneur can help you build a lucrative career, especially today when the global job market has become even more competitive.


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However, achieving success on your business might harder than you imagine as most of the new businesses barely manage to survive the initial few years. But if you are determined to start your own venture, then you need to focus on certain aspects that can boost your chances for success.

Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself as an entrepreneur before starting your own business –

Define Your Goals


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Until and unless you clearly know where you want to go, you will not be able to decide which path to take to get there. After you successfully define and analyse your goal, you will be better able to decide if your chosen path is the most effective way of achieving your set goals. You need start by asking yourself some difficult questions regarding why you want to be an entrepreneur and what you want to achieve by starting your business. This will give you a clearer idea about your business goals, responsibilities and roles.

Save Some Money

Let’s face it, you will need to have some capital to start, operate and sustain your business. Although in this modern era, the cost of managing a start-up has become more affordable, yet you will need to save some cash to get you through the initial years before your business can build a solid foundation. In case you don’t have adequate money on yourself, then you need to look for reliable investors who can provide you the required capital.

Gather Relevant Experience



Before you start your business you need gather adequate managerial, leadership, administrative and negotiations skills. Moreover, you also need to develop a thorough understanding of your industry and stay updated on latest trends. You also need to gain a working knowledge about various business aspects like accounting, marketing, personnel management etc. Hence, irt is imperative that you work for a company in your preferred industry and gain the required experience.

Learn The Right Skills

Apart from gaining experience, you also need to acquire the necessary business skills and knowledge that will make you a better manager and entrepreneur. If you ask me, one of the best ways to gain these skills is to pursue an online undergraduate in management diploma. When you study online you will be able to work on your business and study simultaneously. As these courses are highly flexible and affordable, you can easily learn management skill and gain work experience without taking out a student loan.

Develop A Strong Network


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Building a successful business is not only about knowing how to run your company, but also about knowing the right people. By creating effective connections you can get helpful advice, financial professional support, industry information, beneficial terms and other services. Your online management diploma can prove to be highly helpful in this area as you will meet aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders during your course.

By following these tips, you will be able to prepare yourself to face the challenges of the business world and guide your start-up towards success.

What do you think? Add to the discussion by sharing your own opinions and ideas below.

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Strong Internet Support Boosts the Education System throughout Africa

open distance learning


Are you aware of the fact that Africa, the world’s 2nd largest continent, is no more devoid of technological support in making people obtain quality education? Reports from World Bank say that Nigeria, which is one of the most developed nations of the continent, has recorded 32.9% people to become dependent on technology. Gone are those days of dependence on high-speed internet and Broadband when Nigeria considered them to be the only sources of technological support. Now, this nation takes pride in acquiring the 8th position out of 212 member nations of UN in terms of the number of internet users.

The Internet World stats said:

  • There were around 55.9 million internet users
  • Accordingly, it represented 32.9% of the population in Nigeria in 2012
  • 6.6 million Facebook users were recorded from Nigeria, which showed that this was one of the most popular activities by the Nigerians

The World Economic Forum said:

Out of every 100 urban Nigerians

o   50 use the internet on a monthly basis

o   58 use mobile phones supported by internet

o   21 use smartphones

As far as the contribution of internet to GDP is concerned:

  • Nigeria has a 0.8% GDP which is quite close to that of South Africa that has 1.4%
  • Kenya and Senegal are ahead in terms of GDP

This clearly shows that the opportunities of strengthening digital education with time in Nigeria are rising. Moreover, internet has brought a massive impact on several sectors here in the past few years. Some of them are:

  • Health – Owing to internet support, a platform has been set up in Nigeria through which patients and also clinicians can send messages along with the information related to drug identification. In response, they would receive a verified message in regard to the authenticity of the medicine.
  • Education – Although a lot had been said earlier in the opening paragraphs, it’s once again worth mentioning that digitisation is a big thing that has made immense progress in open distance learning. After the National Open University of Nigeria contributed well towards improving digital education, the country’s education system acquired a different scenario. Moreover, the introduction of mobile technology has eased over thousands of lives in these years.
  • Retail – E-commerce is another thriving sector in Nigeria that has given rise to a number of big companies in the last few years. As per the Euromonitor International research team, Nigeria generated N3 billion which was their online sales figure.
open education


So, where Nigeria has done a tremendous job in bringing massive growth in several sectors especially education, career seekers there wouldn’t have to wait to relocate abroad for better opportunities. Talking about the education sector, the demand of distance education programmes is already on the rise and students there have now started using smartphones and kindles to complete higher studies instead of taking pains to attend classrooms. Other sectors would also bring good turnovers as long as internet would be supporting these nations.

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Cost Effectiveness Of Online Learning In Nigeria

Every year, almost 1.2 million learners qualify for an undergraduate education in Nigeria. However, the 104 universities in Nigeria can only accommodate 300,000 learners in campus. This is something very uncomfortable for the aspiring learners in Nigeria. This imbalance actually caused the demand for online education in the nation and as it allows more learners to have an access of education, it has become the most loving mode of getting a degree.

Online education is something which cannot be effectually defined by anyone. Each one of us can have a different perspective of the same. According to UNESCO in 2002, open and distance education simply represents the focus on the open access of learning and training provision to the learners. Also, there will be no constraints of time and space and therefore it is just an easy way out for classroom learning. Hence, online or distance education is simply the way of providing knowledge to the learners at their home, or office or any other place. Hulsmann, in the year 1997, defined distance education as:

• Separating learners from the teacher in place and time.
• Necessity of proper university accreditation and the influence of any educational institution.
• Using technology in order to get a degree. For example, taking help of television, radio, audio cassettes, computers, etc.
• Two way interaction between learners and teachers in both synchronise and a synchronise manner.

Cost effectiveness on online learning

According to Obanya, there is lack of proper learning resources in Nigeria. With this low quality education scenario, the future of the learners is bleak. Hence, all this definitely calls for a change in the scenario and online education comes as an easy respite. UNESCO reported, “In efforts to meet the new and changing demands for education and training, open and distance learning may be seen as an approach that is at least complimentary and under certain circumstances, an appropriate substitute for the face-to-face methods that still dominates most educational systems.”The way online education is so much flexible and affordable that it has actually become a very cost effective way of getting a degree in Nigeria.

Online learning or distance education has a number of potential for the learners and other stakeholders in education. For all the learners, online distance learning is all about freedom to education as well as a wide range of skills and opportunities for education. It is much cheaper as well. The online learning courses are pretty much affordable as well. The learners do not need any kind of conveyance cost, food or lodging costs and the tuition fees in itself is very nominal.

What students think about e-learning in Nigeria?

A Post Graduate student in Graphic Design

“I see it as an avenue to further my education. I have Bachelor’s degree but my job cannot allow me to go back to the four walls of any institution as a full time student. As a proprietor of my venture if I try it, that will be the end of the business.”

A Law student

“I have been dreaming of studying Law but the normal (conventional) university will not allow this because I have to write entrance examination which my schedule of work has not permitted me to prepare for in the last four years. Whatever it will cost, this system of distance learning has made it possible for me to start the Law programme and definitely I will finish it and get my Law degree.”

A Banker

“This is the kind of school that can help people like me. Although it is possible to get study leave from my place of work but there is no certainty that one will get the job back when he is back with whatever certificate he would have acquired from the study he went for. There are lots of people who will just fill up the vacancy created immediately one proceeds on a leave of absence. With this distance learning programme, I know that I will get a Master degree after completion and still have my job.”

Online learning is therefore a very cost effective approach to education. Learners do not need to worry about funds and they can relax while earning the degree they have dreamt of for so long. It has simply altered the way of acquiring a degree and Nigeria is one of the places which has got mostly helped by technology in learning.

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An Online MBA Is A Good Idea For Nigeria learners

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When one decides to go for an online MBA degree, he/she is probably doing the right thing. All the employers are in demand of candidates who are very well-run with knowledge, and an MBA degree simply supports the skills of a candidate. If the employees do not have much time to go for a regular university management degree, they can always take into consideration a MBA degree online through the web from an accredited university.

This is quite a tough economic time and now going back to school seems to be a legitimate option in improving one’s skills. This will simply make you all the more attractive to the employers and even if you have a full-time job, you can always go for an online degree in management. MBA courses are always very much in demand and it prepares one to become all the more advanced and gain a lot of knowledge which in turn helps them in their career endeavours. You will be prepared to take up leadership roles in your business or in your organisation.

A survey from the accounting/fiscal workers of different skills as well as seniority levels have found out that the CFO’s with no degree gets an annual salary of only $38,920, the ones with a Bachelor’s degree gets $88,836 in an average and those having an MBA degree gets $104,284. Hence, it makes the thing clear that the return in investment for the MBA graduates is worthwhile. Studies have also shown that the MBA graduates can earn 145% more than the ones who do not have any degree. Hence, if you can earn an online MBA for yourself, there is nothing like it.

However, you should always try to know that the percentages and salary structures given above are subject to change. With an MBA degree, you can always get more salary than these. And also, if you get the degree from a not so renowned university, you salary might be less than this. Again, the type of management designation you have also defines your salary. You can be a Human Resource Executive, or a Financial Planner, or even a Business Head of a company. According to your designation, you will get the salary in hand.

In Nigeria, the education system is quite poor and the learners do not even get proper skills by getting a degree from the local colleges. The college environment isn’t good and the educators are not well-skilled. Hence, online learning now plays a huge role in making education better in the country. There are a lot of learners in Nigeria who have already got aided by an online course. They have got degrees from UK, USA and other places where education scenario is better and polished. So, an MBA UK degree online can also seem to be much profitable for them. This way, they will get a degree from a reputed UK university and thereby can polish their skills to perform well at the workplace.

An MBA degree through online can be a lottery ticket for you but the only thing you need to keep in mind before getting the degree is that make a thorough research about the same on the web. You should be able to keep yourself away from spammers and this way, you will secure your future with a degree for yourself and also you will not have to repent over it in future.

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