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5 Awesome Tips To Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Are you unhappy with your career? Tired of being unemployed or underemployed? Then I am sure you have wondered about starting your own business at some point. It’s true that becoming an entrepreneur can help you build a lucrative career, especially today when the global job market has become even more competitive.


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However, achieving success on your business might harder than you imagine as most of the new businesses barely manage to survive the initial few years. But if you are determined to start your own venture, then you need to focus on certain aspects that can boost your chances for success.

Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself as an entrepreneur before starting your own business –

Define Your Goals


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Until and unless you clearly know where you want to go, you will not be able to decide which path to take to get there. After you successfully define and analyse your goal, you will be better able to decide if your chosen path is the most effective way of achieving your set goals. You need start by asking yourself some difficult questions regarding why you want to be an entrepreneur and what you want to achieve by starting your business. This will give you a clearer idea about your business goals, responsibilities and roles.

Save Some Money

Let’s face it, you will need to have some capital to start, operate and sustain your business. Although in this modern era, the cost of managing a start-up has become more affordable, yet you will need to save some cash to get you through the initial years before your business can build a solid foundation. In case you don’t have adequate money on yourself, then you need to look for reliable investors who can provide you the required capital.

Gather Relevant Experience


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Before you start your business you need gather adequate managerial, leadership, administrative and negotiations skills. Moreover, you also need to develop a thorough understanding of your industry and stay updated on latest trends. You also need to gain a working knowledge about various business aspects like accounting, marketing, personnel management etc. Hence, irt is imperative that you work for a company in your preferred industry and gain the required experience.

Learn The Right Skills

Apart from gaining experience, you also need to acquire the necessary business skills and knowledge that will make you a better manager and entrepreneur. If you ask me, one of the best ways to gain these skills is to pursue an online undergraduate in management diploma. When you study online you will be able to work on your business and study simultaneously. As these courses are highly flexible and affordable, you can easily learn management skill and gain work experience without taking out a student loan.

Develop A Strong Network


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Building a successful business is not only about knowing how to run your company, but also about knowing the right people. By creating effective connections you can get helpful advice, financial professional support, industry information, beneficial terms and other services. Your online management diploma can prove to be highly helpful in this area as you will meet aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders during your course.

By following these tips, you will be able to prepare yourself to face the challenges of the business world and guide your start-up towards success.

What do you think? Add to the discussion by sharing your own opinions and ideas below.

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Nigeria to Undergo Technological Developments in Education says ARTE

Technology has made such an indelible mark in this digital age that developing nations like Nigeria will also start implementing new and polished gadgets in their education system to make it better and stronger.

Sailor hands out school books to children in N...

Sailor hands out school books to children in Nigeria. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

It was the Africa Resources and Technology for Education (ARTE) show where a wide range of modernised education tools was exhibited. The show was held recently in Lagos that displayed vocational class equipments, multilingual books, interactive boards, digital campus companions, laptops, remote controls for analysing students’ performances and CDs comprising past questions with answers applicable for several examinations.

Worldview International, the show organisers, said that the sole objective behind this grand initiative was to merge the local and the international education suppliers for showcasing the modern resources, software and technology that can play key roles in teaching thereby giving rise to a high scoring education system.

The marketing manager of Worldview International, Charlotte Mayanja said that the combination of educational suppliers and industrial experts would positively result in the development of Nigeria’s education system, whether it happens through any software application, technology or any kind of resource.

O’Hara Nigeria Limited is one of the stakeholders who after collaborating with LABTECH International demonstrated the technology for both vocational and technical education for Nigeria at the ARTE show.

According to the managing director of O’Hara Nigeria Limited, Dominic Uvieghara, the gathering was intended to find new ways to enhance the education system in Nigeria through the provision of technology. He further said that there were teachers, administrators and pupils present there who would contribute together to give Nigeria’s education system a big boost.

The General Manager for International Sales and Marketing, LABTECH International, Mr. Andrew Thompson said in the ARTE lecture that that the biggest problem was that there were staff of the 20th century teaching students of the 21st century in classroom of the 19th century which was altogether a total disconnection. Taking this aspect into consideration, he further said that technology must be integrated into the classrooms that can keep the students engaged in their lessons and help the teachers adopt new and effective teaching ways.

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Mr. Thompson said that the three most necessary things that are required to teach while using technology are Infrastructure, Infostructure and Infoculture. Once these things are implemented in the classrooms, the quality of education will keep getting enhanced with time.

Out of those necessary requirements, Infrastructure is the most effective one that will set the educational standard in the classrooms. In fact, establishing it will be easy with the inclusion of computers, cameras and projectors. So, once the infrastructure is set, almost every classroom in Nigeria will take no time to allure students from far and wide.

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