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Idea Challenge 2015 – Offering A Great Opportunity For Aspiring Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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Nigeria is presently experiencing numerous severe challenges that range from high levels of illiteracy, unemployment, high poverty, limited economic development, terrorist threats to poor infrastructure facilities. However, Nigerians can still successfully counter all the difficulties by equipping the youth with effective entrepreneurship education which will empower them to become self-reliant and build more jobs.

Need For Entrepreneurship Training

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However, in order to become a successful entrepreneur, our students will need to learn specific knowledge and develop certain skills, practices and attitudes. Furthermore, our youths will need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the global market and different industries which will enable them to recognise new business opportunities and take risks. Quality entrepreneurship education helps to entice entrepreneurial thinking and create entrepreneurs who can efficiently contribute towards economic and social development.

Entrepreneurship has gained a lot of importance in Nigeria in the last few years as there is a dearth employment opportunities and rising socio-economic challenges across the nation. This is perhaps the reason why more and more Nigerian youths are participating in international entrepreneurship learning opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities In Nigeria

Recently, 10 youths from Nigeria took part in the 2015 edition of University of Sussex-AIESEC Nigeria entrepreneurship challenge, where they will be competing for the 3 positions that are still available. The aim of the challenge is to award the participants with the best ideas and proposals to solve education and unemployment challenges in Nigeria. The competition is popularly known as Idea Challenge 2015. According to a statement released jointly by Branda Ng’ang’a, AIESEC Nigeria representative and Tosin Adebisi, Senior International Officer at University of Sussex, the 3 challengers will be announced as prominent winners at the Nigeria Youth to Business Forum event in Benin City, Edo State.

The statement noted,

“The best three ideas have the opportunity to win an all expense paid training to University of Sussex Innovation Centre in the UK for their spin-off project or business idea development as well as discount in admission fee for an AIESEC internship and mentoring from experts and corporate partners of AIESEC in Nigeria. The partners include, PWC, Impact Your World, among others.”

Focus On Education & Unemployment 

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Moreover, it also described that applications had been sorted in 2 main categories of the competition, namely unemployment & education. The statement added,

“Five best ideas in each of the categories, making a total of 10 were subsequently selected. The 10 participants are expected to pitch in English in front of a jury of experts and partner organisation for the event taking place on Tuesday June 2, 2015 in Benin City.”

It was also mentioned that all of the received submissions will get “evaluated by at least two thematic (Education and Unemployment) experts and experienced Business Developers from AIESEC in Nigeria partner organizations network.” The statement by Branda Ng’ang’a and Tosin Adebisi, further explained “We will especially look at the novelty and uniqueness of the idea, the market and social business potential as well as the rights to intellectual property (designs, creators, business plans, among others) claimed by applicants.”

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