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Nigerian Students can Hope for the Best Kind of Online Education on their Own Soil

Nigeria is not lagging behind in terms of online pursuit of education in anyway. The Learning Nuggets Company which is a UK-registered consultancy firm on e-business and e-learning said that it has assessed the huge prospect of online education in Nigeria’s education sector. The consultancy firm acknowledged the country’s information and communication technology to make a high claim for global competitiveness.


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In a two-day African Resources and Technology for Education show taken place in Lagos the firm’s chief executive officer Diana Dwamena disclosed this fact. Throwing lights on the possibilities of online learning in Nigeria, Dwemena said, “We are very excited. We believe that online learning or virtual learning/mobile learning is going to develop in the Nigerian market and we are looking for opportunities to work with institutions and organisations. People are really enthusiastic about what we do. They are interested in going online, although some of them have their reservations on whether government will be willing to help them. But we believe that with adequate awareness, government will buy into it.”

Governmental Assertions

Nigeria’s Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has, on the other hand, said that e-learning is the way forward to Nigeria. His observation was revealed at the formal launching of the “Opon Imo”, an e-learning initiative in Ilesha by the State government of Osun. He extensively commented on the importance of e-learning that must be the key component of the nation’s educational mix. “In my view, our greatest asset in this country is not oil; it is not cocoa; it is not cassava or groundnuts. And I respect all our farmers and their contributions towards our development. Our greatest asset is our people, the Nigerian people. We have to educate and train our teeming young population if we seriously hope to develop this country,” he said.


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Atiku applauded the Osun State Government for acknowledging the necessity of the important investment in a major area of e-learning. He recalled the moment when American University of Nigeria was founded as the great platform of e-learning and digital learning for the country.

Dwamena greatly emphasised on Nigeria’s enormous possibilities to emerge as one of the leading globally competitive countries having great opportunities in education industry. But, for that Nigeria must have to embrace e-learning/ virtual learning that Dwamena added.

Why Online Learning for Nigeria?

Nigerian students need to understand the core benefits of online learning offered by reputed universities of the world. If they are to be successful in international platform online learning can help them. Only with online education Nigerian students can take up a world-class education with affordable price to pay. Paying sky-high fees for on-campus courses from international universities is not easy for the students who belong to economically not so stable countries. But, the incredibly low cost of online education can let them enjoy completely international education from world’s top universities with a nominal monitory investment.


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The additional career-oriented benefits of online learning where students can maintain their work commitments alongside their studies give them adequate experience to attract employers for their post-study ambitions.

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