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Nigeria Learning To Improve!

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Lack of proper resource and appropriate guidance are major obstacles toward learning. Social upheavals and violence, in addition, are reasons why a large section of population remains bereft from enlightenment in developing regions. So, instead of huge demand for knowledge, Nigeria failed to provide education to the most for years.

Scarcity of qualified teachers and poor quality of edification has been keeping Nigerians away from enlightenment for years. But a few right actions taken by the administrative power can change the scenario to a great extent. Initiatives taken by the government in Nigeria lately to improve the educational quality are examples of remarkable actions. Measures adopted to boost e-learning and making education free at all levels will hopefully drive the nation toward better academic standard in near future!


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A few steps toward a brighter future…

With the introduction of the Federal Teachers’ Scheme and Nationwide Capacity building in 2006, the problem regarding under-qualified tutors and dire quality education improved a bit at primary levels. The project called “Tablet of Knowledge” is also a creditable step to provide students with an enriched environment and recent announcement of Kano’s Governor to make education free of cost is a landmark endeavor. But the battle for the nation is at initial stage and it’s still a long way ahead for Nigerian education system.    

Observing the demand for knowledge of Nigerian learners and the nations obstacles toward providing it, World Bank decided to invest to improve the education system and launch a support for the Nigerian Government to enhance the security system inside the country. Nigeria State Education Program Investment Project (SEPIP) is a $150 million project assuring better instructor deployment and school management. “Investing in people is an essential part of Nigeria’s strategy to reduce poverty and achieve steady economic growth,” said Marie-Francoise Marie-Nelly, World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, “I am delighted that we are supporting better schooling and earning prospects for millions of children and young people, while also cushioning some of the poorest families through a stronger social safety net system.”

More effective strategies are required…


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But initiatives taken by some institutions may not resolve the issue of inadequate funding. And e-learning can only reward the nation with impressive results when tutors of the country provide right guidance. So, practical measures to recover from the present status have become imperative. Strikes demanding improvement that received huge support from various unions over the years in Nigeria haven’t generated any impressive outcome so far. It has changed a little but wasted a lot.

  • A budget for reasonable investment is essential. Maximize the opportunities utilizing the small endowments is what the government should focus on.
  • Individual attempt and funding could also bring about great opportunities for the countrymen. Initiatives taken by a larger group of audience will only help to fast-track the growth of the entire nation. 
  • Innovative ideas to make most of the limited resource can help the country optimize the potential of new age learning. Viable and indigenous strategies to enhance scopes and revamp the sector would be appreciable.     
  • For instance, imposing a small percentage educational tax on import or a rule for the working professional to invest a nominal amount from their salary into education will help the education sector receive a good amount for improvement.    

Monitoring the process is even more important as only collection of money may not resolve the issues. Transparent communication, reasonable actions and proper implementation are important parts of any plan. Supervision of the top agencies and government must be employed in order to materialize the dream of forming an enlightened nation.  

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Nigerian Students can Hope for the Best Kind of Online Education on their Own Soil

Nigeria is not lagging behind in terms of online pursuit of education in anyway. The Learning Nuggets Company which is a UK-registered consultancy firm on e-business and e-learning said that it has assessed the huge prospect of online education in Nigeria’s education sector. The consultancy firm acknowledged the country’s information and communication technology to make a high claim for global competitiveness.


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In a two-day African Resources and Technology for Education show taken place in Lagos the firm’s chief executive officer Diana Dwamena disclosed this fact. Throwing lights on the possibilities of online learning in Nigeria, Dwemena said, “We are very excited. We believe that online learning or virtual learning/mobile learning is going to develop in the Nigerian market and we are looking for opportunities to work with institutions and organisations. People are really enthusiastic about what we do. They are interested in going online, although some of them have their reservations on whether government will be willing to help them. But we believe that with adequate awareness, government will buy into it.”

Governmental Assertions

Nigeria’s Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has, on the other hand, said that e-learning is the way forward to Nigeria. His observation was revealed at the formal launching of the “Opon Imo”, an e-learning initiative in Ilesha by the State government of Osun. He extensively commented on the importance of e-learning that must be the key component of the nation’s educational mix. “In my view, our greatest asset in this country is not oil; it is not cocoa; it is not cassava or groundnuts. And I respect all our farmers and their contributions towards our development. Our greatest asset is our people, the Nigerian people. We have to educate and train our teeming young population if we seriously hope to develop this country,” he said.


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Atiku applauded the Osun State Government for acknowledging the necessity of the important investment in a major area of e-learning. He recalled the moment when American University of Nigeria was founded as the great platform of e-learning and digital learning for the country.

Dwamena greatly emphasised on Nigeria’s enormous possibilities to emerge as one of the leading globally competitive countries having great opportunities in education industry. But, for that Nigeria must have to embrace e-learning/ virtual learning that Dwamena added.

Why Online Learning for Nigeria?

Nigerian students need to understand the core benefits of online learning offered by reputed universities of the world. If they are to be successful in international platform online learning can help them. Only with online education Nigerian students can take up a world-class education with affordable price to pay. Paying sky-high fees for on-campus courses from international universities is not easy for the students who belong to economically not so stable countries. But, the incredibly low cost of online education can let them enjoy completely international education from world’s top universities with a nominal monitory investment.


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The additional career-oriented benefits of online learning where students can maintain their work commitments alongside their studies give them adequate experience to attract employers for their post-study ambitions.

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Kno now an Acquisition of Intel

Photo Credit: bit.ly/96I0Ib

Photo Credit: bit.ly/96I0Ib

As the popularity of e-learning is increasing by the day, many companies around the world are trying to help out the online learning sector in any way possible. Just recently, Intel announced that they have acquired Kno, a company that provides a platform for e-textbooks and software for education.

According to Intel, this acquisition will aid a planned effort by Intel Education to build an environment or network of hardware, digital and software content, which is especially designed to aid students in the learning process while also providing tools to educators to efficiently incorporate technology into day to day classrooms.

Photo Credit: intel.ly/1awmBpx

Photo Credit: intel.ly/1awmBpx

The vice president sales and marketing group, at Intel Corporation John Galvin said The acquisition boosts Intel’s global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers. Even more, the Kno platform provides administrators and teachers with the tools they need to easily assign, manage and monitor their digital learning content and assessments … We’re looking forward to combining our expertise with Kno’s rich content so that together, we can help teachers create classroom environments and personalized learning experiences that lead to student success. (Source: goo.gl/2mwwhQ)

Kno also provides a platform for educators and administrators, with tools to manage, allocate and supervise, the initiative taken for digital learning. John Galvin also added that Intel is keen to combine their existing expertise with the rich content Kno has to offer. According to them, this will assist teachers to construct an environment like a classroom and also add a personal touch to learning experiences so that students can succeed.

The apps that Kno provides are accessible to many operating systems like Android, iPad, Windows 7 & 8. The e-books they offer also help teachers, share information, gauge the progress made by students, and get more involved in its content. Intel adds that the e-books will remain the same but will only become ‘smarter’. Also, the e-books will improve in quality as the entire Kno team, excepting the CEO, will be joining Intel. It has also been heard that Intel, the world’s biggest ‘chipmaker’ will mostly work on hardware but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Article Source : http://bit.ly/1bAAd4e

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Distance Education is the Best Option for Students of Developing Nations

In this competitive world, higher education is very important for you to get a respectable job and earn good money for a successful life. These days, employers always look at a candidate’s credentials before hiring them. Graduation is the basic educational requirement these days, without which it has become almost impossible to get a job. If you want a lucrative job at one of the best companies, then a postgraduate degree is mandatory. These qualifications ensure good jobs.

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However, if a particular country’s educational infrastructure is damaged due to political disturbances, it becomes very difficult for students to pursue their academic careers. In countries like Nigeria, where there aren’t any good colleges and universities, students are forced into labour at a very young age. With the advent of e-learning, these students are now getting direction and a way to fulfill their educational dreams for a better future.

Many universities are now offering online learning programmes, so that people in lesser fortunate countries, like Nigeria, can dream of a better tomorrow. As the students of Nigeria do not have enough funds, to cross borders in search of good education, distance learning is the best option for them. Distance learning in Nigeria is extremely popular amongst students and working professionals. Through distance learning, students can study various types of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Here are a few reasons why most students and mainly working professionals take up distance learning study programmes.


An online course is extremely convenient and can be studied anytime, anywhere. The course can be spaced out as per the student’s suitability. Therefore, a student or working professional can finish a three year course in five years if they want. The course can be studied at all times of the day; so, no one will ‘miss out’ on class lectures.

Continue to earn as you learn

As you can study anytime you want, you do not have to leave your job. If it was a course in a traditional college, then you would have to quit work for the course period to complete your education. However, with distance learning that is not the case. You study either in the morning, before going to work or at night after you get back from work. Therefore, you can continue to earn to raise enough money for your livelihood.


Distance learning courses are cheap as you do not have to pay for food and lodging and you also save on travelling expenses. The course material is sent to you therefore you do not have to buy books. Online learning is far cheaper than traditional learning.

Due to these reasons, among many, most students and working professionals in economically backward countries take up distance learning.

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