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Government Employees Taking Up Online MBA Courses In Its Newest Trend

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Online education

Online courses in general are getting popular day-by-day, which is a version of education in correspondence. It is cost effective, as it provides provisional study material in electronic, encrypted version which is much cheaper in production, recreation and distribution, for being in virtual softcopy, instead of being in printed hardcopy which are much costlier to produce and manage.

Provision for government employees

Government employees are choosing such courses for many reasons. Government employees are relatively relaxed and less burdened in their work pressure than their private counter-parts who have to fulfil a target all the time, to find time to go for such online courses .. as to choose a separate path, some liberty has to be there.

Motivation behind taking up online higher education

As per past tradition, government employees were not required to be highly qualified, as they worked as executives following strict and fixed orders from superiors. There was little scope of improvisation like private employees who are always on the lookout for greater profit for the company and greater commission for the individual, accordingly. In this age of increasingly mixed economy, the government sector is catching up with the private ideal as it’s competing to grab the market. Petronised by private capitalists, the constant search for continuous quality enhancement and customer satisfaction is affecting the government competitors as well. Government employees finding an urge to enhance knowledge and implementation in work to improve quality, not remaining within strict order-abiding role of a subordinate executive.

Facility in online courses

Online courses are very flexible in their nature, the student can write in his own understanding in the exam which is at par with mature learning and greater autonomy motivated by which the government employees are coming to join courses. It’s a win-win situation. In online courses, one increasingly becomes his or her own teacher. There is no better learning than learning by oneself. Though, a course always constitutes a syllabus, given working-knowledge of practical life .. common wisdom (thumb’s rule) instead of analytic novelty and ingenuity, still courses in correspondence, apart from rigidity of institutional classes on regular basis, especially online, gives some fresh air to breathe at least, even within suggestive education, as one doesn’t have to move physically to restrictive environment(s), to earn degree.

Choosing MBA specifically

MBA is very much required, as it teaches managerial skills which is a must, as one goes up the ladder in official ranks. No matter what field one is in, as one proceeds to the rank of senior bosses, administrative troubleshooting becomes much more important than academic problem-solving.

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