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Does Online Education Necessarily Mean Affordable Learning Solutions?

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Online learning has gained immense popularity amongst students, educators and employers in the past few years. With further technological progress and the spread of internet, more and more aspiring learning are now pursuing online higher education programmes to earn accredited qualifications and advance their careers. One of the biggest advantages of studying an online programme is that they are more affordable than college degree programmes and hence you can avoid taking out heavy students loans for getting a degree. But is online education actually affordable? Or does it cost you more than you think? Let’s find out….

Finding The Cost Of Studying Online

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As a student you would want to consider the total cost of an online programme when to start to decode and analyse its actual cost. Hence you need to count the total amount of money you will have to pay if you pursued all the necessary courses at the institute. However, the amount is not easy to determine as several online programmes choose to publicise the per-credit cost only, according to the Online College Students 2014 study, conducted by Aslanian Market Research and The Learning House. This approach might appear meaningful as most online learners begin with some credits that have been already implemented to their degree or diploma.

Online Education Is Not Cheap

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If you are able to discover the sum total cost of online bachelor’s degree programme, then you just might get amazed by the results. Although. Most learners and professionals tend to believe that online learning is an affordable and economical option; it is not the case all the time.

For instance, in 2014-2015 the total cost of programme is over $91,000 at the 10 public schools which had the most expensive bachelor’s degree programmes for out-of-state learners. Although the amount is much less than pursuing a 4 year programme at the priciest brick-and-mortar colleges and universities in the country, but you can find cheaper alternatives in community colleges. Apart from Ohio State, the other priciest public online bachelor’s programmes for out-of-state students include Central Washington University ($677 per credit and total programme cost $121,860); West Virginia University ($927per credit and total programme cost $111,240); University of Georgia ($893 per credit and total programme cost $107,160); and New Mexico State University ($796 per credit and total programme cost $101,888).

According to recent data in an annual U.S. News survey, which ranked 126 public online bachelor’s degree programmes, Ohio State University has the costliest public bachelor’s programme for students for outside the state. Out-of-state students studying online at Ohio State pay $1,070 each credit and almost $128,400 for the complete bachelor’s programme, when they pursue all courses at the institute. However, if you have previous credits then you will not be required to pay the full amount.

Availability Of Affordable Options

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According to the survey, the average total cost is around $52,830 for the 126 ranked programmes. Valley City State University in North Dakota offers the most affordable online bachelor’s degrees for out-of-state learners. The cost per credit is $168 and the total programme cost is around $20,160. The report did not consider many schools and they were not ranked as those institutes failed to meet specific criteria needed by U.S. News

What do you think about online education? Want to add to this discussion? Then feel free to share your experiences, thoughts and views with us by commenting below.

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Technology is Soon Going to Bring a Sea Change in Nigerian Education Sphere

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Nigeria is taking progressive measures to make quality of education better. Seeing the initiatives to implement technological measures into education it seems that soon the country will get over its weaknesses in its education sector. The countries poor line up in propagating brick and mortar education is now considered to be overcome with technologically supported measures. Online education introduced to Nigerian soil is hoped to fetch incredible outcome in educating mass people.

Initiatives Taken by Nigeria

Numerous new initiatives are being taken to promote online education to win over the country’s prolonged issue of illiteracy. Exolve Technologies have recently launched an online platform for teaching and learning to address a large online audience. With the mobility and flexibility of online education got through this sort of initiatives a greater number of people will be able to take benefits of education quite easily. Tutor.NG has come up as another online tutoring platform recently, providing resources and tools for learners to enjoy an engaging learning as well as teaching process, made to access anytime and anywhere. More specifically, Nigeria is now up to exploit every possibility to address people to get educated with its cheap and best online learning strategies. It tries to turn every environment into a prospective learning zone.

Outstanding Measures these Initiatives can Deliver

This sort of online tutoring platform is equipped with the most updated online learning tools. Among these tools virtual classrooms are appearing as the most productive outcome in attract learners’ mind. They enjoy learning distantly from international teachers and are able to interact with other physically distant learners, as well.

Employment Generation

Online learning is viewed as the trusted model for employment generation as well. Talking on the effective job-creation capacity of online learning, Co-Founder Tutor.NG, Peter Ogedengbe says, “We are extremely excited to launch this platform, online tutoring solves the problem of learning beyond the classrooms and also create employment where smart and versatile graduates can become self employed by teaching online and make a living for themselves, also with the increase in internet availability and affordable computer/mobile devices, student and teachers can now do more meaningful things with their data package.” He is quite justified in his view. With online learning mass education would be followed by huge creation of employment sectors both in teaching profession as well as technological area.

With growing measures of online education organisations will be able to save cost on technical infrastructure, and deliver lectures and training content in much cost-effective ways. This kind of online platforms will act as collaborative junctions to unite expert faculty across the globe, thus providing Nigerian students the scope to connect with world-class education with their meagre resources.

Online platforms like Tutor.NG’s employment of the latest online tools like White Board, Live Video Webinars, Real Time Virtual Classroom, Personalised Content Creation, User Management etc. With this sort of developments in Nigerian education sector the country can definitely expect a bright tomorrow not so far.

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Why Earning Foreign Degrees Online is a Wise Strategy for Nigerian Students?

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If you ask career aspirants as what can make their CVs look good, the majority would answer ‘a foreign degree’. In fact, reports have found that the real value lies in foreign degrees rather than the nationalised ones. For instance, there are several companies in Nigeria that keep hiring and promoting people having certificates earned from overseas rather than those earned from Nigerian universities. In fact, they would be ready to take someone with a foreign bachelor’s degree instead of one with a Master degree from Nigeria. Although they admit it secretly, it’s sheer reality.

Cracking interview jobs is easy with a foreign degree

What the implication stands here is that adding a foreign degree to one’s CV is equivalent to a ticket to enter the world’s best companies. Chances for cracking job interviews will be high and employers would love offering fat pay packages. So, where the demand of earning degrees from foreign universities is on the rise, students are turning to be more concerned as how they would manage to travel abroad for earning a degree. Well, there is a convenient, affordable and legible way to do so, and it is distance learning.

No need to quit jobs, No need to travel abroad

There are many students in Nigeria who are facing problems in securing admission to Nigeria universities. Seeing this inconvenience, an initiative has been taken by the UK universities to give students the opportunity to earn their foreign degrees online. As a result, they would neither have to travel overseas nor quit their jobs. Rather, they can stay with their families and continue studying within their means.

Well, online education today has achieved global popularity. In fact, pursuing online distance learning courses under UK universities will help working professionals to:

– Meet professional and personal duties at the same time

– Remain exposed to more employment options

– Pursue higher studies and get eligible for promotion at work

Besides, distance learning courses can be helpful in a number of ways for students as well as those who are working. For instance:

  1. Earning a foreign under a UK university online will help one secure a prestigious job or admission to a Nigerian university.
  2. Students not having good scores at school can take top-up courses to get admission into a 2nd or 3rd year, and work alongside to gather experience.
  3. One can take one’s own pace to complete a course. There will be no deadlines which would therefore let students handle their course work with ease.
  4. Students or working professionals looking for business management courses would not have to pay lump sums like what brick and mortar business schools charge. In fact, UK universities would bring easy payment schemes which would keep enrolees financially stable.
  5. One would be able to access study materials for their distance learning courses anytime he/she wishes.
  6. Online course curriculums will comprise video tutorials, journals, social networking and a lot other interesting activities that would let students take pleasure in their studies.
  7. With a distance learning degree under a foreign university, you are sure to impress the biggest employers all over the globe.

So, you see that students in Nigeria are no more required to travel all the way to the United Kingdom to earn certificates. By simply availing the option of distance learning under a UK university, one can instead pursue higher studies and continue working at the same time.

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6 Advantages of Online Distance Learning Programme

Photo Credit: bit.ly/yHJiyd

Photo Credit: bit.ly/yHJiyd

Distance learning has become an integral part of modern education system. The rigid immigration policies along with increasing relocation costs have resulted in the rise of online distance learning programmes. Many educational institutions all over the world have accepted it as mainstream learning approach.

Distance learning has been in place for a long time now yet some people tend to treat it indifferently and have negative mindset. Need is to realise the potential of distance learning programmes and approach to it with an open mind.

A lot of people are of the view that complicated online interfaces make online learners isolated and prevent them from mingling with other students, hampering overall growth. Though it is true that there are certain things that curtail students from learning under traditional university environment but the benefits offers by distance learning are something that overlaps its shortcomings.

According to some surveys conducted by eminent educationalists, online learners have the ability to connect with pupils from across the world. Moreover, distance learners have the access to global resources and can share their opinions and views over a single, large platform. Here are a few additional  advantages of distance learning programmes that have completely changed today’s educational scenario.

Study the course of your choice – Online distance programmes typically give more options to the students in selecting a course of their choice. As distance education is accessible to even the students from remote areas, distance learning is benefiting a large mass.

Flexible learning – When it comes to flexibility, distance learning is a way ahead of traditional learning mode. Students engaged with their jobs can easily balance their studies and work schedule, as the assignments can be prepared whenever they have free time.

Networking – Online learners have bigger opportunities to build productive and useful networks. They can connect with the pupils from across the world and become acquaintance with a diverse range of people.

Study at own pace – As the assignments can be submitted behind the due dates also, distance learning provides the students with lots of opportunities to study at their own pace. Similarly, students can also schedule their study hours according to their own convenience.

Study schedule – Even if you are a working professional, middle aged person or stay at home mother, you have the options to schedule your study hours. Most of the times classes are held in the evening or at the weekends, so it becomes easier for busy persons to chalk out their own study plan.

Overall costs – Tuition fees at most online colleges and universities are lesser than the traditional institutes. So, even the students from poor economic background can enrol in their choice of course without burning a hole in their pocket. Moreover, they can save several other costs such as relocation costs, transportation costs, stationeries costs, etc.

Hence, online learning is quite advantageous to the modern students, who desire to achieve their ambitions in most flexible and easiest manner.

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Distance Education is the Best Option for Students of Developing Nations

In this competitive world, higher education is very important for you to get a respectable job and earn good money for a successful life. These days, employers always look at a candidate’s credentials before hiring them. Graduation is the basic educational requirement these days, without which it has become almost impossible to get a job. If you want a lucrative job at one of the best companies, then a postgraduate degree is mandatory. These qualifications ensure good jobs.

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However, if a particular country’s educational infrastructure is damaged due to political disturbances, it becomes very difficult for students to pursue their academic careers. In countries like Nigeria, where there aren’t any good colleges and universities, students are forced into labour at a very young age. With the advent of e-learning, these students are now getting direction and a way to fulfill their educational dreams for a better future.

Many universities are now offering online learning programmes, so that people in lesser fortunate countries, like Nigeria, can dream of a better tomorrow. As the students of Nigeria do not have enough funds, to cross borders in search of good education, distance learning is the best option for them. Distance learning in Nigeria is extremely popular amongst students and working professionals. Through distance learning, students can study various types of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Here are a few reasons why most students and mainly working professionals take up distance learning study programmes.


An online course is extremely convenient and can be studied anytime, anywhere. The course can be spaced out as per the student’s suitability. Therefore, a student or working professional can finish a three year course in five years if they want. The course can be studied at all times of the day; so, no one will ‘miss out’ on class lectures.

Continue to earn as you learn

As you can study anytime you want, you do not have to leave your job. If it was a course in a traditional college, then you would have to quit work for the course period to complete your education. However, with distance learning that is not the case. You study either in the morning, before going to work or at night after you get back from work. Therefore, you can continue to earn to raise enough money for your livelihood.


Distance learning courses are cheap as you do not have to pay for food and lodging and you also save on travelling expenses. The course material is sent to you therefore you do not have to buy books. Online learning is far cheaper than traditional learning.

Due to these reasons, among many, most students and working professionals in economically backward countries take up distance learning.

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Education system and its evolution in present age

That education has revealed a new face to the world is a widely accepted fact amongst educationists and enthusiasts. Academics has been given a new a façade to help students of the modern age cope up with the fast paced and extensive needs of the professional world. The ongoing trends of the recent era reveal the acceptance of digital learning methods that are flexible and are encouraging a larger mass to participate in such collaborative courses. Today’s scenario unveils the emergence of a learning platform that considers the limitations of the much demanding professional world.

Earlier it was more of a challenging task to comply with the professional demands and continue with studies. Courses that follow the new regimes of learning are smarter and ensure that professionals get the space to add yet another degree to their list of pre-owned credentials.

The evolution of the educational system has marked a stark difference in the lives of enthusiasts who can now aim for better career opportunities with vocational degrees certifying the latter’s proficiency in key fields. Today’s distance or digital learning mode relies upon the digital world for a global understanding of current phenomenon prevailing in different industries.

Professionals eyeing for an edge over different vocational areas primarily seek distance learning programs for career enrichment. Householders can now stay back at home to secure future employment prospects. In fact an academic enthusiast who has to encounter financial constraints in his/her daily life can pursue the affordable distance learning courses for wider knowledge gathering and career up-gradation.

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