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Repairing Public Education is a Matter of National Importance

Public education is necessity for any country. It is the only way to strengthen a society and country. Continuous betterment of public education is necessary too. Take a look of the article to know more.

Education is one of the basic human needs today. Those days are long gone when education used to be considered as a secondary need. We live in an era where one needs to be independent and self sufficient enough to be capable of leading a good and productive life. It is only the right and proper education that can make someone like that.


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The need of education is not just a self realisation any more. Now, a modern society also recognizes the need of education. It would not be an exaggeration if I put it this way that education is the base of a strong nation and a cultured and sensitive society. Imbalance in education or the lack of it can cause tremendous problems for any nation.

The Relation of Education and Nation

Through all these ages social activists are working hard to bring forth the true picture of nations and the scenarios. They are also focusing on the explanation of the need of public education. According to study, education plays important roles in various factors to shape up a better future of a nation. Nations all over the world have recognized the fact and they are investing in public education now. Only it is the well educated citizens who can maintain social mobility, create a productive work force to take forward the country and its work, lessen the crime rate and above all represent the democracy.

Investing in public education does not only mean to help the citizens to find a meaningful existence but also contributes to the increased rate of national income and GDP.

Lets take a look at the relation of education with various factors of a country.

Education and Economics

Education and economics are interrelated, on both individual and national level. On one hand when an individual citizen is provided with quality education it creates chances for one to lead a happy and better life. Proper education makes one eligible for employment and contributes to increased income. It obviously results in a better level of lifestyle.

On the other hand a properly educated citizen also contributes to the betterment of society and thus the nation. It is important for a nation to remain competitive and productive globally so that it does not remain behind from other countries. Education plays the vital role of taking a nation ahead. So, there is no point of keeping an education system intact that only a few can afford. It is necessary for all to afford the education. Only then a nation will be able to move forward and ensure a better life of its citizens.

Education and Health

The link between education and health is well established now. It is a proven fact that it is an educated man who is capable of maintaining a balanced health and well being of his and his family. Education makes one conscious about various health and hygiene issues. That results in increasing awareness. Research has shown that a well informed and educated man suffers less from minor health issues than the people who are deprived of education.


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A well educated population makes better decision regarding personal health and the collective health issues. As a result they spend less money, time and energy on the minor health issues. It lets the health professionals to focus on serious issues on health and well being. It redirects resources and reduces financial budget of a nation.

Education and Social Responsibility

As we all are global citizen it is important for all of us to remain faithful towards our social irresponsibilities too. The basic need of all global citizen is to safeguard the dignity and the human rights of themselves and their fellow citizens. Proper education enables citizens to understand their place in the world and get a clear perception of the contribution towards a sustainable society. In a nutshell well educated people tend to understand the need of work and the benefits that it offers towards the society.

Public education is the vehicle that not only enhances an individual and his personality and perspective but also it is necessary for the elevation of humanity, social justice and responsibilities.

How to Repair the Public Education System

As Huffington Post recognizes, to build a great society one needs to understand that education should be accessible for all, irrespective of creed, class and zip code. It is important to bring out education from the access of only the wealthy class and make it accessible for each and every children in a society. When election is nearing in the USA, this has become a national issue that all citizens in the USA are pondering over.

In such a situation here are some ways that can be really helpful to repair the public education system. Take a look.

  • Your pupils are not just numbers. A school needs to have adequate numbers so that the need of every students can be taken care of.
  • Concentrating on the common core is the most effective way to ensure that the education is directed towards the right way. There is no need of investing in different curricula every year and thus negating all the old ways. Instead of spending time of these lists education needs proper understanding of the core.
  • System of home work is necessary as this is the only way to evaluate daily what a student is learning today.
  • The field of education needs the teachers who love the profession. Lack of love and respect towards the profession can harm and pollute the classroom. It is not the degree but the sense of responsibilities that makes one a ideal teacher.
  • Often students leave education after passing the high school and start working in order to provide themselves. During this phase they go through a really hard time as they often falter to choose the right career. That is why it is necessary to introduce the trade school during hight school. It will enable students to choose the right option.
  • One standardized test a year is enough to evaluate a student’s progress. These days schools and institutes are introducing various tests which is unnecessary.

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The utmost necessity right now is to get rid of all politics that is affecting education and give the power of education back to the people. Right teachers and individuals are necessary for the job so that the nation can walk on the right direction of development.

What do you feel is the necessary step to repair the public education? Share your thoughts in your comments.

Article source : huff.to/1Rw3W3D

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Top Tips To Help You Publicise Your Book Launch on Social Media

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In the modern times, online marketing of books has caught up in the trend. From traditionally published author to independently self-publishing and hybrid author, online marketing of books has proved to be the best platform for every kind of author. Once authors used to sell their books by trekking from one city to another, but social media, these days, is being considered as the latest version of such old book tours. Publishers, of late, have become selective and take into consideration mostly the works from biggest authors. However, you need not worry, as you can also recreate the book tours with less money and dedication.

Prior to launching your book, you need to plan for the modern day book tour. You should build your author platform and enhance your online presence to keep people interested in your book launch.

Here are a few tools that you can use to build your book tour

  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Contents for your guest posts and blogs
  • Slideshare presentations
  • Google+ hangouts and posts
  • Tumblr
  • Mailing list
  • Podcasts

Make use of different communication channels to publicise your book launch. You can create a media blitz in different ways so that people can share them with their social networks.

Followings are some ways to make a big splash on the launch day

Work hard on social media – You can plan out many post-launch social media marketing events online. Invite some guests on Google+ Hangouts and interview them about the self-publishing process, experience while writing and self-publishing the book. Go live on some other social media as well and organise events.

Ways to do this

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  • Get in touch with people who host Twitter chats and let them know your willingness to be a guest.
  • Find out about the related Google+ Hangout shows and contact the host.
  • Make yourself available for interviews, chats, Hangouts and other online media.
  • Give a relevant and easy-to-use hashtag for your book so that you can connect your content together across Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Spend a lot of time to publicise your book.

Create your own event – Take a leaf out of Jennifer Miller’s book and create unique marketing events for your own book. Jennifer, author of The Year of the Gadfly, who is a traditionally published author, creates her own buzz for her book with social media channels.

Ways to do this

  • Come up with some unique ideas for your book and do it wholeheartedly.
  • Organise your own events by using online tools like Togather, which connects authors and readers in person as well as online.

Create a media blitz – Jay Baer, author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype, built a pre-book launch marketing team for publicising his book. This way, you will have a whole crew of supporters cheering on your project and wanting it to be successful. You can create a book trailer, a SlideShare presentation, and about twenty five excerpts of the book that were published on some prestigious blogs. You can build a network of like-minded individuals and also create your own blog to build trust and readership of your book.

Ways to do this

  • Invest some time to build a strong, trustworthy and informative online presence.
  • Build your base audience by blogging regularly on the relevant and niche topic.
  • Socialise with authors in same genre.
  • Work hard to build your social media marketing assets before the launch of your book so you can start working immediately post-launch.

Share your adventure – There are some authors who started as an indie writer but they are counted among the hybrid authors. They have built an enviable fan base online that keep a keen eye on the progress meters of current projects with bated breath.

Ways to do this

  • Take photos and share them on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Build your presence on Pinterest and register your writer’s life.
  • You can share reviews and let people know about your journey as an author, post questions-answers session.
  • Enjoy being a writer, live your dream and have fun.

Create a media kit – You should build your digital assets before your book launch so that you can give interview whenever people want it. Sarah Robinson, author of Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities, did a commendable job on the website of her book and media kit of her self-published book.

  • A photo in high resolution
  • A long and short author bio
  • Links to various social media profiles
  • Book covers in high resolutions

Ways to do this

  • Create a media kit a month prior to book launch.
  • Spread the word about your book by making it easier for people to spread the information.

A book launch is a long process and you need to watch for all the developments even after your book is released. So, invest some time in social media marketing and create a fascinating presence of yours on different media channels.

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Nigeria Learning To Improve!

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Lack of proper resource and appropriate guidance are major obstacles toward learning. Social upheavals and violence, in addition, are reasons why a large section of population remains bereft from enlightenment in developing regions. So, instead of huge demand for knowledge, Nigeria failed to provide education to the most for years.

Scarcity of qualified teachers and poor quality of edification has been keeping Nigerians away from enlightenment for years. But a few right actions taken by the administrative power can change the scenario to a great extent. Initiatives taken by the government in Nigeria lately to improve the educational quality are examples of remarkable actions. Measures adopted to boost e-learning and making education free at all levels will hopefully drive the nation toward better academic standard in near future!


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A few steps toward a brighter future…

With the introduction of the Federal Teachers’ Scheme and Nationwide Capacity building in 2006, the problem regarding under-qualified tutors and dire quality education improved a bit at primary levels. The project called “Tablet of Knowledge” is also a creditable step to provide students with an enriched environment and recent announcement of Kano’s Governor to make education free of cost is a landmark endeavor. But the battle for the nation is at initial stage and it’s still a long way ahead for Nigerian education system.    

Observing the demand for knowledge of Nigerian learners and the nations obstacles toward providing it, World Bank decided to invest to improve the education system and launch a support for the Nigerian Government to enhance the security system inside the country. Nigeria State Education Program Investment Project (SEPIP) is a $150 million project assuring better instructor deployment and school management. “Investing in people is an essential part of Nigeria’s strategy to reduce poverty and achieve steady economic growth,” said Marie-Francoise Marie-Nelly, World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, “I am delighted that we are supporting better schooling and earning prospects for millions of children and young people, while also cushioning some of the poorest families through a stronger social safety net system.”

More effective strategies are required…


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But initiatives taken by some institutions may not resolve the issue of inadequate funding. And e-learning can only reward the nation with impressive results when tutors of the country provide right guidance. So, practical measures to recover from the present status have become imperative. Strikes demanding improvement that received huge support from various unions over the years in Nigeria haven’t generated any impressive outcome so far. It has changed a little but wasted a lot.

  • A budget for reasonable investment is essential. Maximize the opportunities utilizing the small endowments is what the government should focus on.
  • Individual attempt and funding could also bring about great opportunities for the countrymen. Initiatives taken by a larger group of audience will only help to fast-track the growth of the entire nation. 
  • Innovative ideas to make most of the limited resource can help the country optimize the potential of new age learning. Viable and indigenous strategies to enhance scopes and revamp the sector would be appreciable.     
  • For instance, imposing a small percentage educational tax on import or a rule for the working professional to invest a nominal amount from their salary into education will help the education sector receive a good amount for improvement.    

Monitoring the process is even more important as only collection of money may not resolve the issues. Transparent communication, reasonable actions and proper implementation are important parts of any plan. Supervision of the top agencies and government must be employed in order to materialize the dream of forming an enlightened nation.  

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Distance Learning Builds the Base for Nigeria’s Future

Around a million students in Nigeria each year, who are qualified for university entrance, cannot secure a place. The NUC (National Universities Commission, Nigeria) would like to increase the number of people who can study at university level by developing a robust and demanding quality framework which will support the development of high quality distance learning provision.

This is what the situation was in 2009. In 2013 things have changed, and the things have changed for the better. Students in Nigeria now have a vast number of educational opportunities to choose from. Distance learning in Nigeria has opened up global avenues for the students. They can now study at levels that are globally accepted and thereby can compete with students around the world for the best career opportunities available.


Education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Some of the benefits of studying via the distance mode are:

1.It is a recognized degree:
The degree that the Nigerian students receive after completing the online courses, when awarded by recognized foreign universities, has the same value as the degrees earned the on the campus of the university.
2.It is more cost effective:
For students of developing countries, studying on campus, especially abroad is a ridiculously expensive affair. Apart from the sky high on-campus tuition costs, the airfares and cost of living add to the already growing financial burden. Since online education is far more inexpensive, all these costs can be avoided easily.
3.It is taught by the same people:
With the help of technology, the distance mode students too are now taught by the teachers who give lessons at the campus. There is no difference in the quality of teaching as the videos of the on-campus lectures are available to the students online. Streaming videos allow students across different countries to experience real time lectures from special guest lecturers and visiting faculty who are invited to the campus.

Professor Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa’I, the Nigerian Minister of education, at the World Education Forum, held in London in 2013, said: “Nigeria has recorded increase in the carrying capacity of tertiary institutions across board. She cited the raise in primary school enrolment by 3.7 million between 2010 and 2012 and Junior Secondary School enrolment by 1.1 million between 2010 and 2012 as some of the yardstick for measuring the impact of the reforms and development in the sector.”

The need for good distance programs are increasing because the number of children being enrolled in school has been increasing over the past few years.

English: Children at school in Nigeria

English: Children at school in Nigeria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When these children finish school, they should not have to discontinue studying or have to incur huge expenses involved with going abroad to study. Well developed distance programs at reasonable tuition costs will help to not only develop the future of the youth in Nigeria, but the future of Nigeria itself.

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Why People of Nigeria should look forward to Online Courses?

English: Political map of the 36 States of Nig...

English: Political map of the 36 States of Nigeria (English) Deutsch: politische Karte Nigerias (Englisch) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you think of the people of Nigeria the first thing you will realize how tough life is for them. They not only suffer from economic instability but they are also always undergoing ups and downs in their own personal life. The education system in Nigeria is also not that enriching and that is the major reason why the students aspire to do their higher degree courses via online distance mode.

In Nigeria there are few universities and colleges but the academic infrastructure isn’t that good and that is why they should look for an alternative to do their studies. To have a standard career in future acquiring higher degrees is a requisite and that is the major reason why most of the aspirants of Nigeria desire to obtain a master degree in their interested areas.

The UK online universities provide professional courses or you could say they are more focused on teaching such courses that can keep up with the modern trend. Courses like tourism and hospitality, business management, IT and telecommunication, Psychology and health, MBA’s  law and finance are considered to be some of the most interesting subjects that students can take up to achieve a degree.These degrees from Globally recognized UK University are now provided in Nigeria and neighboring countries with the help of RDI.

These subjects are of such nature that they are sure to provide someone an insightful job in future. Fortunately the candidate gets the opportunity to work in a big IT firm or a well- known multinational company. So though the Nigerian students are being deprived of good colleges and universities in their own country they can always watch out for the courses that are available online for them.

English: students online

English: students online (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some brief details about the online courses:

The online  courses are designed in such a manner so that it fulfills the need of the students. These courses are mostly job oriented so that they earn specialization in their chosen areas. In fact students who are already working in various companies in Nigeria and wish to expand their knowledge in their respected professional field, they can earn adequate information in the particular area through the master degree courses.

  • The degrees are highly flexible and they can learn when they feel it is suitable for them.
  • They get the chance to get equipped with the most advanced expertise and skill that enables them to come up with innovative strategies to implement in their professional zone.
  • They get a chance of becoming a part of the most reputed institutions in the world and earn a UK university degree.
  • Fair chance to have a prospective career in future
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